About our Prep room
Our prep room is spacious and fully equipped for the care of your pet before a procedure. In prep room we can carry out minor surgical procedures, ultrasound scans, dental procedures, endoscopy as well as taking dental x-rays and digital x-rays. In here we also take blood pressure readings, ECG, place intravenous catheters for surgery, take blood samples and anaesthetise animals ready for their operation. We will often prep your pet  in this room for surgery; clipping the fur and cleaning the area before we transfer them into theatre. We have oxygen available for emergencies and an anaesthetic machine.
We often have veterinary specialists come to the practice to carry out specialized ultrasound scans and endoscopy procedures which we carry out in prep room.

About our Theatre room
Our sterile theatre is spacious, and fully equipped for procedures your pet may need. It is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each procedure to maintain sterility to the highest standards and deep cleans are reguarly performed.
We also have specialist vets come to the practice who carry out orthopaedic procedures  so you don't have to to travel elsewhere.



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